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■ Increase the Exposure with H banners

The H banner is one of the most commonly seen advertising banner. Taking the shape of letter “H”, the H banner boasts a regular shape but a large print size. Due to its unique design, the H banner can not only stand open all the time but also elegantly flutter in the wind, which will increase the exposure of your brands, logos and slogans and capture more attentions of the passerby. The advertising H banners can help enhance your company’s presence and grab attentions at any marketing events.

■ Unique Designed Base Ensures the Stability

H banners are often for both indoor and outdoor uses. And when it comes to outdoor marketing events, people always have a great concern for the stability. But our unique designed bases can make you rest assured about this. To make the cross base steady, we also provide special auger sleeve and crews for the base to make it screw to the ground. Meanwhile, special water bags which can add weight to the base are available.

■ Lightweight Poles Make it Portable

The pole of H banner looks quite tall when it is installed, but in fact the poles are lightweight, which makes the H banner portable and easy to set up. One person can set it up or break it down within minutes. And you will find it is convenient to take the H banner with the carry bag and exhibit your products and brands all around.

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  • Flag Size

  • Flag Base

Flag PolePart No.Print SizeTotal HeightPole Weight
h bannerpole 1 FM-W-H-2.1m 170x70cm 210cm 0.75kg
h bannerpole 2 FM-W-H-3m 250x70cm 300cm 1.05kg
h bannerpole 3 FM-W-H-4.2m 330x70cm 420 1.45kg
item h banner 2
Part No.NamePictureWeightSizeMaterial
DS510C15R Ground Sleeve 0.9g 51.2x3.2x Ø1.4cm Steel
DMT820B15R Cross Base bannerbase dmt820b15r 3.82kg 84x5x14cm Iron
DMS370C15R Cross Base bannerbase dms370c15r 3.1kg 37x Ø8cm Iron


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