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■ The Prominent Height Enables a Good Exposure

The S banner is a good display tool for outdoor activities. Like other advertising banners, S banner has a quite prominent height, which enables you to have a good exposure for your products, brands and logos. Whenever and wherever you set up an S banner, people will definitely notice its eye-catching graphic size and outstanding height. The S banner is the best to create an enticing fixture to passersby, which can help you win more attentions at any promotional events.

■ Different Sizes for your Versatile Use

Most of the S banners are suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. And we offer the S banners with three different sizes for you to meet your specifications. If you are looking for a feather flag for your shop or restaurant with limited budget, the 8ft S banner is best for you. If you want to increase the brand awareness, then the larger one with the height of 11ft must be the perfect one. If you are preparing for a large venues, the 15ft S banner is suitable for you.

■ Promotional Banners for your Upcoming Event

How to choose the S banner for your upcoming events? To answer this question, you need to ask yourself another two questions: what kind of venues are you going to attend and what is your budget? Once you make clear the promotional occasions you are going to attend and the budget you are going to spend, then contact us and our professional sales representatives can offer you the best and cost-effective marketing solutions.

  • Flag Size

  • Flag Base

Flag PolePart No.Print SizeTotal HeightPole Weight
s bannerpole 1 FM-W-S-2.4m 200x65cm 240cm 0.8kg
s bannerpole 2 FM-W-S-3.45m 300x700cm 345cm 0.9kg
s bannerpole 3 FM-W-S-4.7m 380x80cm 470 1.35kg
item s banner 2
Part No.NamePictureWeightSizeMaterial
DS510C15R Ground Sleeve 0.9g 51.2x3.2x Ø1.4cm Steel
DMT820B15R Cross Base bannerbase dmt820b15r 3.82kg 84x5x14cm Iron
DMS370C15R Cross Base bannerbase dms370c15r 3.1kg 37x Ø8cm Iron


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