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■ Blade Feather Flags Call Attention to Your Business or Event

The distinctive design of our blade feather flags can’t help catching the eye and turn would-be passersby into visitors to your business, special event or trade show booth. By using high quality fabrics and adopting advanced printing techniques, our blade advertising flags enable you enjoy vibrant color and vivid image, thus making your brands, logos and slogans more eye-catching.

■ Count the Ways You Can Use Convex Beach Flags

The only limit to the ways you can use our custom feather flags is your imagination. Because they stand out and look so distinctive, they work well on busy streets and in crowded trade shows. They easily grab attention. Are you opening a new store? Are you planning a special sale? Do you have a new product or service you want to promote? Convex beach flags are perfect for any of these and much more. Besides being used outdoors, they can help shoppers in your store locate special deals or merchandise you are offering.

■ We provide a strong foundation for our straight flutter flags

The flags themselves may be what attract your customers and guests, but we also offer you a selection of sturdy, lightweight and easy to erect poles and bases so your flutter flags stand stable, even in strong wind and rain.

If you are not sure which products is best for your upcoming trade show, just contact us and our customer service representatives can help you make the best choice for your particular use.

  • Flag Size

  • Flag Pole

  • Flag Base

Pole SizePole HeightFlag SizeTotal Height
 MLG146-3m/MBQ-3M  3M  65.3x200cm 260cm
 MLG146-4m/MBQ-4M  4M  70.4x300cm 380cm
 MLG146-5m/MBQ-5M  5M  80.54x400cm 450cm
MBQ-6M  6M  110x450cm 560cm
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Item No.PictureWeightSizeMaterial
 MLG146-3M flagpole mlg146 3m 0.72kg  146*Ø1.9*4cm  Alumium
 MLG146-4M flagpole mlg146 4m 0.95kg 146*Ø1.9*4cm Alumium
MLG146-5M flagpole mlg146 5m 1.00kg 146*Ø2.4*4cm Alumium
 MBQ-3M flagpole mbq 3m 0.27kg 113×2.5×2.5cm Fiberglass Pole
MBQ-4M flagpole mbq 4m 0.65kg 113×3.2×3.2cm Fiberglass Pole
MBQ-5M flagpole mbq 5m 0.79kg 113×3.6×3.6cm Fiberglass Pole
MBQ-6M flagpole mbq 6m 1.4kg 115x5x5cm Fiberglass Pole
Item No.PictureWeightSizeMaterial
 MBS1(A1) 1.2kg 63.5*6*4cm  Ø12mm  Iron
MBS2(A2) 1.8kg 63.5*7*4cm  Ø18mm Iron
MBS3(B1) flagbase mbs3 b1 3.6kg 65*8*8cm Iron
MBS4(B2) flagbase mbs4 b2 4.26kg 70*4*8cm Iron


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