10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent
10x10 Blank Canopy Tent

10x10 Blank Canopy Tent (SKU:BCT-10)

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White 420D PVC Polyester Black 420D PVC Polyester Blue 420D PVC Polyester Green 420D PVC Polyester Red 420D PVC Polyester Khaki 420D PVC Polyester More
Tent Top+Frame Tent Top
Yes No
24H 48H *After Artwork Approval
Due to the limited transport capability of service providers in the US, shipments from our CA warehouse will have some degrees of delay, pls be noted.
If you don’t have the logo advertising needs, but you are going to hold an outdoor activity, this solid color advertising tent would be a nice choice. It is more suitable for bulky orders for specific needs, like for charity activities or home parties and other non-profit big events. The solid color canopy tent can be neater when placed together in a row, making the activity more orderly.
Tent Top
Weather Resistant Tent Top Provides More
Security For Your Events

420D PVC polyester is used for our blank canopy tents. It is slightly thinner than 600D PU polyester, but can also be waterproof and UV resistant, and the cost is also lower. Choosing such a tent, you don’t need to worry about your event will be destroyed even in a bad weather.
We have 6 fashion colors for you to choose from: black, white, red, navy blue, green, and cream. You can freely match the color based on your needs.
Vibrant solid colors
UV protection
Available colors:
Different Tent Packages for Different Promotion Needs

We have the matching full wall and sidewalls for you to choose from, you can add them to your tent to make it more appealing. One full wall, two sidewalls, and one full wall with two side walls are both popular choices. They can tightly attach to the tent frame, you needn’t worry about its firmness. Get a half wall and full wall now! >>
Tent Top
Tent Top+1 full wall
Tent Top+2 half walls
Tent Top+1 full wall+2 half walls
Tent Frame
Sturdy Aluminum Tent Frame Provide You with Peace of Mind

We have 3 tent frame options, they are both made of light-weight aluminum and can stand on the ground steady. They are different in shape and diameter but all are rust-resistant, which can also be used on rainy days. There are also ground spike, sandbags, and ropes options, satisfying your diverse requirements.
Square aluminum 31mm tube
Side Leg (mm)——31×31×1.2
Socle (mm)——26×26×1.2
Cross Tube(mm)——13×13×1.2
Hex aluminum 40mm tube
Side Leg (mm)——40×40×1.2
Socle (mm)——35×35×1.2
Cross Tube(mm)——13×25×1.0
Hex aluminium 50mm tube
Side Leg (mm)——50×50×2
Socle (mm)——45×45×2
Cross Tube(mm)——15×32×1.5
Wheel Bag
Sand Bag
Other Related Accessories >>
Display Size
Appealing Display Size Helps You Get Noticed

The display height of our 10x10 custom tent is about 10.7ft(about 3.2m), which can make your marketing message get noticed even from a distance. And the space for a 10ft canopy occupies is about 100sq ft(about 9㎡).
Note: Tent frames from different suppliers may be different in display sizes. If you purchase your tent frames from other suppliers and you just need a tent top to match your frame, please choose custom tent option.
Product Care
Every time after the display event, please make sure the fabric top is clean and dry for storage, as long time outdoor display and wrong packing may reduce the lifetime of canopy tent. If there is any dirty on the fabric, please hand wash it with cold water and mild detergent.

Q: Can the color of hems be consistent with the color of the tent?

A: Yes, we will choose the same-color hems based on the ground color of the tent.


Q:Can you make the canopy or the full wall in one piece?

A: Influenced by the limited sizes of fabrics, we will make two pieces stitch together professionally and seamlessly to ensure integrated and perfect logos.


Q: How to maintain the stability of the tent in outdoor use?

A: Three ways to increase the stability are available for your option.

l Wind buckle with sandbag

l Adjustable buckle with webbing

l Velcros with sandbag


Q: How to avoid the water leakage in outdoor use?

A: We will use hot air tapes in all seam lines to avoid leakage.


Q: How to clean the tent?

A: Considering the coating on the fabric, you’d better not use the cleanser. Wiping the dirty places with gentle soap is a good choice.


Q: Can you customize the printing to match my hardware?

A: Yes, no matter where you get your display hardware and no matter which type of display hardware you have, we can print the exact graphics to match it. 


Q: How do you pack the tent graphic and hardware?

A: Generally, we will pack the tent graphic, hardware, and wheel package separately to avoid damage to wheels in transportation.

Artwork Requirements

Artwork must be created using the provided templates.
1. Acceptable file types include PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, PNG, TIF, TIFF, JPG, and SVG, among which AI and PDF are highly recommended.
2. Files must be the same exact size as what is ordered.
3. The maximum size of the file should be 200M. If you have much larger files, please contact our customer service representatives.
4. Please review the artwork specification before uploading your file. We will not be responsible for the delayed orders due to artwork that cannot meet the provided requirements.

Production Time

4 turnaround options available to fit your different needs:
1 Day Rush Order, 2 Days Fast Order, 3 Days Standard Order, 5 Days Economy Order.
(*production time shall be calculated from artwork being approved).

Delivery Time

From China to the US: About 2-5 Working Days
From China to Australia: About 3-4 Working Days
From China to Canada: About 2-4 Working Days
(More logistics details please view the shipping delivery.)
If you or your clients do not receive products within the scheduled delivery time, you can contact our customer service reps for help.