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Smiling Curve: Brand, Manufacturing and Core Technology

Smiling Curve: Brand, Manufacturing and Core Technology --All manufacturing return to the US? Recently someone left a comment on our Facebook page and said, “Come on, man, buy American!” From time to time, we could hear such comments. Abou... [ Learn More ]

Latest News for July

Traditionally, companies in advertising textile printing industry just focus on a certain part of the industry chain and randomly and loosely outsource their orders to OEMs, that is, there is no coupling between the companies and their OEMs. The sup... [ Learn More ]

New Position of China-Flag-Makers

China-Flag-Makers---- A Leading Internet-Based Service Provider for Overnight Ad Textile Printing When companies cooperate with one another, it should be a bilateral or multilateral cooperation, not a zero-sum game. China-Flag-Makers takes the effi... [ Learn More ]

One Thing You Should Know to Improve Your Strategic Plan

Every month, there are some customers, whose main business are signs and banners, textile printing and display adverting in the targeted market, coming to China. Among all these customers, some of them integrate the manufacturing and marketing, som... [ Learn More ]

How to Deal With the Shipping Price Surge?

Are you still concerned and bothered with the following questions: Are you worried about your cash flow while you decide to make an inventory? Are you struggling to make the high profit while the shipping cost is too high? Are you hoping to enjo... [ Learn More ]

What Makes a Company Succeed in the Competition

  The prerequisite for persistence is to have a right strategic decision. Once a wrong decision is made, sticking to it is to magnify your mistake.   I often ask myself, “ what is it that makes a company succeed in the competition?” Norm... [ Learn More ]

Credit Payment and Cash Flow

Every month, there will be some customers talking with us about the credit payment term, so what does credit payment term mean to a company?   When it comes to the credit payment term, what it really matters to us is the cash flow management. Now ... [ Learn More ]

USA Warehouse Service for Tent Hardware

    In the second half of 2018, China-Flag-Makers will set about establishing 3 USA warehouses, which locate in the east, west and middle of America respectively. On June 13th, 2018, 100 sets of tent hardware will be stored in our ware... [ Learn More ]

A Service Provider with Complete Supply Chain Advantages

Before cooperating with core customers, China-Flag-Makers always spends a lot of time to know the customers through searching customers’ website, chatting with customers online, inviting customers for a visit, contacting with clients by emai... [ Learn More ]

A Secret for a Company to Achieve Sustainable Development

    Among all our cooperation partners, some choose to go to the Business School for further MBA study, some try to learn through reading various commercial books, listening different types of APPs, or attending private advisory board. ... [ Learn More ]

The Most Professional Order Processing Procedure Offered by CFM!

CFM has been focusing on ad textile printing for 15 years. We have accumulated a large amount of resources and experiences to offer perfect solutions to accommodate customer’s demand. One-stop solutions offered by us keep you away from worries, thu... [ Learn More ]

Why Oversea Warehouse is So Popular?

With strong growth in international ecommerce, some grand companies with significant overseas sales frequently consider the option of local warehouses in their operating countries. This question usually comes in a number of guises: IF I’m shipp... [ Learn More ]

How to Choose the Right Pop-up Trade Show Display

Once you decide to attend a trade show or event, the planning work begins. How will you successfully represent your company with display graphics, literature, promotional items, and pre-show mailers? What about shipping the portable trade show disp... [ Learn More ]

The Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Retractable Banner Stands

It is fair to say that the world of trade shows, exhibitions and outdoor fairs has exploded in recent years as businesses and organizations have sought out new ways of advertising and promoting their products and services. As a result, retr... [ Learn More ]

See What We can Do for You

Customize your needs and offer you the best service We so-called best plan lies not only in price but also in high cost-effective performance. You will get what you pay, and we would not offer inferior products for you for price advantage. Under the... [ Learn More ]

The Best Solution for Outdoor Events – Custom Printed Tents

  When participating in an outdoor event as a business owner, you can leverage it as a substantial marketing opportunity. Display tables, brochures and product samples are recommended to get started with your set-up, but you also want to cons... [ Learn More ]

We Want You

We boast multiple templates available for you to choose. No matter what kind of template you need, you can find it in China-Flag-Makers. No matter how did you get template, no matter what kind of template you have, mo matter what shapes the template... [ Learn More ]

Time is the Other Name of Opportunity

                                         &nbs... [ Learn More ]

Fabrics for Special Uses (Part 2)

  Stretch Fabric   Stretch fabric is a fabric referring to the normal fabric, which stretches in all four directions. Stretch fabrics have better shape retention and are wrinkle-resistant because of which they are more comfortable t... [ Learn More ]

Fabrics for Special Uses (Part 1)

Industrial Fabric Industrial fabric is a fabric which is usually made from man-made fibers like fiberglass, carbon, and aramid fibers. It is primarily used for filtration, marine and recreational products, insulation, electronics, commercial & ... [ Learn More ]

Fabrics from Man-made Fibers-Part 2

Taffeta Fabric Taffeta fabric is a crisp, soft and smooth plain woven fabric which with its slight sheen manufactured out of different fibers like rayon, silk or nylon. Taffeta fabric is widely used in manufacturing of women's garments. The taffeta... [ Learn More ]

Fabrics from Man-made Fibers-Part 1

Acetate Fabric Made from the cellulose and obtained by reconstructing cotton or wood pulp, Acetate fabric is resistant to shrinkage, moth and mildew. Acetate fabric is fabric which gives extremely soft and luxurious look just like silk fabric. Chi... [ Learn More ]

Fabrics from Natural Fibers

Cotton Fabric The fabric which is believed to be most soothing and safe is called as cotton fabric. Immense use of cotton fabric for infant’s dresses or beddings is a live testimony of its softness and skin-friendliness. Cotton fabric has a distin... [ Learn More ]

A General Introduction of Fabric Types

Fabric Types                      Fabrics are manufactured from various raw-materials which are available from nature or artificially gen... [ Learn More ]

How to make your business outstanding in niche market

Before talking about the strategies to make your business eye-catching in niche market, we’d better have a basic understanding about niche market. The definition of niche market: A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific... [ Learn More ]

A Brief Introduction to Printing Methods

We often say that we have 3 types of printing methods available for your option. But if you have no idea about these three methods, you may be puzzled about which one to choose. Now, we’d like to briefly introduce them to you.    &n... [ Learn More ]

How to Choose Indoor and Outdoor Banners

  You can see many banners in your daily life. From trade shows to large parties, banners are convenient to install and good tools to display your marketing messages.   Key Points of Great Banners You must consider the banners’ locati... [ Learn More ]

Drift analysis says MH370 likely crashed north of search

  This is from China Daily News. Friday, April 21, 2017, 15:13 By Associated Press In this July 29, 2015 file photo, French police officers look over a piece of debris from a plane in Saint-Andre, Reunion Island. The wing was l... [ Learn More ]

Which Fabric Is the Best for Your Tents

There are so many tent materials in the market. Which one is the best ? The answer depends on your needs. The following are some knowledge about four fabrics. You can choose the most suitable one for your events. Nylon and Polyester Fabrics for Tent... [ Learn More ]

The Applications of Advertising Flags

It is very popular to use the advertising flags to promote your business or show some important messages to the audience. They are so useful that can be used in many occasions.The following are some applications that the flags are often used. Grand ... [ Learn More ]