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What Does Strategy Mean to A Small Business?

In the textile print advertising industry, there are always many misunderstandings about strategy. Someone thinks the strategy is the thing that only big companies should consider. Actually, in my opinion, big companies will pay more attention to th... [ Learn More ]

How to Choose a Quality Canopy Tent?

Canopy tent, also called Popup tent, is widely used in all kinds of marketing and outdoor events. From a small roadshow to a national trade show gala and from a football match to a family party, custom printed tents can be easily found on many occ... [ Learn More ]

Direct Digital Printing VS Dye Sublimation Printing

In many cases, many people are confused with the terms of direct digital printing and dye sublimation. And “what is the difference between direct digital printing and dye sublimation?” is a common question many people may ask. In fact, both dir... [ Learn More ]

$1 Custom Flag & $5-10 Table Cover are Available!

... [ Learn More ]

The Truth about Cutting Down Cost

When cost increases and when the competition becomes fierce, the first thing comes to most people’s mind is to reduce the price. However, sometimes low price means poor quality. Effective management and innovative business model are two ways for... [ Learn More ]

Why Should You Choose Tension Fabric Display

Tension fabric display is regarded as an indispensable display tool for indoor trade show events. Its design is chic and simple. Its frame structure is consisted of several aluminum tubes, with spring buttons, all the tubes can be easily connected. C... [ Learn More ]

How to Wisely Pay for the Items in Your Shopping Cart?

Double 11 (also called Singles' Day Festival is a global shopping event initiated by Alibaba and adopted by other e-commerce platforms and retailers) has just passed. According to the report, on the very day of double 11 (November ... [ Learn More ]

How to Print Consistent Colors?

“When other conditions being equal, different printers can be adjusted to keep unified colors.” a technician told us. However, it is really hard to ensure all the conditions are equal. Equipment of different brands may produce different col... [ Learn More ]

Customers Would Like to Receive Today’s Order Yesterday

If someone asks me, “what is the biggest change that technology brings to us?” My answer will be just two simple words, “convenience and speed.” Within just about 10 years, great changes have been taken place in the world, from 2G, 3... [ Learn More ]

Safer Products and Higher Quality

Product quality and competitive price are two important aspects that most importers will consider. However, product safety is also an important factor that shouldn’t be ignored. Everyone and every corporate should take responsibility for product s... [ Learn More ]

Cut Down Cost and Increase Efficiency

Effective management and innovative business model are two ways for an enterprise to cut costs. China-Flag-Makers (CFM) is devoted to offering cost-effective products for our trade partners. Since 2017, we have been working on business transition ... [ Learn More ]

Quality and Quantity

I believe it is a sign of bloating when a company simply focuses on sales, fully ignores the quality and product research and development, and blindly pursues the expansion. A good company should be the one who places business growth and product qua... [ Learn More ]

Do You Really Know Core Product, Tangible Product and Extended Product?

What makes a successful salespeople? A successful sales always has confidence in himself, trusts the company he works at, and knows clearly about the product he tries to sell. When it comes to knowing the products, we don’t just mean the tangibl... [ Learn More ]

CFM: Redefine Suppliers for You for the Next Five Years

The toughest pain points we are facing in the advertising textile printing industry may lie in the on-time production of our orders during holidays and the increased tariffs for Chinese imports due to the trade war between China and the US. Against ... [ Learn More ]

Will AI Robots Replace Human Beings?

Once, I went to our workshop for a meeting, and instead of calling a car from DiDi(Chinese Uber), I got a taxi from the taxi parking spot. The driver (50 years old or so) seemed quite excited and told me that he had driven around for hours... [ Learn More ]

Run a Company with Passion or Profession?

Previously, I often went to attend some offline activities held by Alibaba. Many times, I heard of some comments, for example, the president of a company is a passionate person or the enterprise president is also taking the post of the chairman... [ Learn More ]

Save Your Time and Money on Branding

Are you looking for an effective way to get your branding information delivered? Are you trying to find an easy and cost-effective way to promote your brand? A professional trade show or an outdoor promotion campaign... [ Learn More ]

Little Secret You Need to Know for Display Products

Have you ever encountered such a situation: You have the display hardware (e.g. canopy tents or feather flags or table covers) but you need a replacement with totally... [ Learn More ]

What is behind the Competitive Price for Display Products?

Many suppliers try to attract customers by offering seductive prices, however, can we really trust and buy from those who offer extremely low prices without knowing their cost structure or workshop operation condition? There is no doubt that ... [ Learn More ]

About New Product Launch and Product Line Extension

All people like to try new things. Every year, there will be some new products in our industry. However, when you try to add new products and extend your product line, there are a few things you need to consider: Focus on your featured products C... [ Learn More ]

What Makes You Buy it, Product or Brand?

When you purchase or buy something, what are you trying to get, products or brands? The answer seems quite obvious, as not everyone has the ability to buy the brand and not every company wants to sell its brands, and what we can get is only t... [ Learn More ]

How to Safely Pack and Ship your Parcels?

When you want to send out a package, a headache but an important thing you need to consider is how to avoid battered or broken parcels during shipping. After making many stops and shipping for several days, we are not sure whether our ... [ Learn More ]

Smiling Curve: Brand, Manufacturing and Core Technology

Smiling Curve: Brand, Manufacturing and Core Technology --All manufacturing return to the US? Recently someone left a comment on our Facebook page and said, “Come on, man, buy American!” From time to time, we could hear such comments. Abou... [ Learn More ]

Latest News for July

Traditionally, companies in advertising textile printing industry just focus on a certain part of the industry chain and randomly and loosely outsource their orders to OEMs, that is, there is no coupling between the companies and their OEMs. The sup... [ Learn More ]

New Position of China-Flag-Makers

China-Flag-Makers---- A Leading Internet-Based Service Provider for Overnight Ad Textile Printing When companies cooperate with one another, it should be a bilateral or multilateral cooperation, not a zero-sum game. China-Flag-Makers takes the effi... [ Learn More ]

One Thing You Should Know to Improve Your Strategic Plan

Every month, there are some customers, whose main business are signs and banners, textile printing and display adverting in the targeted market, coming to China. Among all these customers, some of them integrate the manufacturing and marketing, som... [ Learn More ]

How to Deal With the Shipping Price Surge?

Are you still concerned and bothered with the following questions: Are you worried about your cash flow while you decide to make an inventory? Are you struggling to make the high profit while the shipping cost is too high? Are you hoping to enjo... [ Learn More ]

What Makes a Company Succeed in the Competition

  The prerequisite for persistence is to have a right strategic decision. Once a wrong decision is made, sticking to it is to magnify your mistake.   I often ask myself, “ what is it that makes a company succeed in the competition?” Norm... [ Learn More ]

Credit Payment and Cash Flow

Every month, there will be some customers talking with us about the credit payment term, so what does credit payment term mean to a company?   When it comes to the credit payment term, what it really matters to us is the cash flow management. Now ... [ Learn More ]

USA Warehouse Service for Tent Hardware

    In the second half of 2018, China-Flag-Makers will set about establishing 3 USA warehouses, which locate in the east, west and middle of America respectively. On June 13th, 2018, 100 sets of tent hardware will be stored in our ware... [ Learn More ]