Standardized Products, Standardized Production We understand in the customer's mind, there's nothing more important than quality. Ensuring high-quality printing is everyone at China-Flag-Makers' job, and it's taken seriously from start to finish. To make this, we standardized the production process and strengthen quality inspection at every link. You 100% satisfaction is our goal.
Equipment Upgrade In 2018, our factory is fully upgraded with a more clear layout and more intelligent operation. 18 new digital printers are introduced to our direct digital printing production line. 10 high-speed paper printers and 2 Italian style dye sublimation printers are introduced to our dye sublimation production line. Meanwhile, to increase the cutting speed, we also customize a 3m×1.8m large format cutting machine for the cutting production line. With all these advanced printing equipment, our labor costs are cut down while production capacity is doubled.
24H Production Guarantee Our independently developed B2F (business to factory) ordering system can realize that all the orders placed by customers are directly sent to our factory. Equipped with the newly designed EPR system, the production process is streamlined and make 24-hour lead time possible.
Stay True to the Mission and Keep Moving Every worker in our factory spares no effort to make the lead time faster and the quality higher. The mission of China-Flag-Makers is to make every customer enjoy the easy and convenient purchasing experience and grow together with China-Flag-Makers.