Latest Production Plan for CFM


Dear customers,

Recently, we have received many emails from customers and we fully understand your concerns. Yes, it is a difficult time for you as well as CFM. However, we believe rainbow will eventually come after the storm.
In fact, things are getting better and better now. Chinese government has adopted strict and active measures to combat the virus and production activities have gradually been recovered. Based on the situation of the epidemic, different places in China has different back-to-work schedules. And now some companies in Fuzhou have returned to work since Feb. 10th. Below are some latest info about CFM, please kindly check:
Firstly, CFM has been back to work on Feb. 10th.
As CFM has prepared an abundant supply of medical goods, adopted a series of sound measures to control and prevent the epidemic and worked out a complete emergency plan, after checking and reviewing by the local government, CFM is qualified to recover production on Feb. 10th (Beijing Time). From that day on, when you place orders to us, you can use our 24-hour online ordering system and enjoy our 24-hour printing service.
Secondly, it is estimated that our production capacity will be back to normal level next week.
Now our production capacity is about 2/3 of the normal level. And it will take some time for migration workers to be back to their duty, so our production capacity is not fully recovered. Therefore, now 24-hour lead time is not available on our website and the lead time for small orders may be 1-2 days longer than what we have offered. For large orders, we will give you an estimated lead time based on your quantity and our actual production capacity.
However, this situation will not last long, with more and more workers returning to their duty, our production capacity will be further improved next week. And we will keep you updated with the latest info on our website.
Thirdly, most logistics companies have recovered their pick-up service.
Pick-up service for FedEx, TNT and UPS will be normal from Feb. 10th. And DHL will offer delivery service from Feb. 13th. However, under a special situation, the efficiency for customs clearance will be slower than normal, so the delivery for the parcels may have 1-2 days delay.
At last, if you have any other questions, you can leave a message to us online or send an email to our sales reps and we will give you a more detailed info and professional suggestions.
We are really grateful for your consistent support. Thanks for your understanding.