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Our blogs are mainly for people who are interested in display advertising, textile printing, and flag making. Here in our blog, you can get the knowledge of how to advertise with trade show table covers, display flags, canopy tents, etc., you can find the information about how to set up an advertising flag or tent, and also you can have a better understanding of different fabrics and printing techniques. If you have any questions or comments, you can just leave a message on our blog and useful solutions will be given to you within 24H.

The Most Professional Order Processing Procedure Offered by CFM!

CFM has been focusing on ad textile printing for 15 years. We have accumulated a large amount of resources and experiences to offer perfect solutions to accommodate customer’s demand. One-stop solutions offered by us keep you away from worries, thus you can spare no efforts to... [ Learn More ]

Why Oversea Warehouse is So Popular?

With strong growth in international ecommerce, some grand companies with significant overseas sales frequently consider the option of local warehouses in their operating countries. This question usually comes in a number of guises: IF I’m shipping to the USA – do I need a... [ Learn More ]

How to Choose the Right Pop-up Trade Show Display

Once you decide to attend a trade show or event, the planning work begins. How will you successfully represent your company with display graphics, literature, promotional items, and pre-show mailers? What about shipping the portable trade show display to the show, filling out... [ Learn More ]

The Top 4 Tips for Choosing the Right Retractable Banner Stands

It is fair to say that the world of trade shows, exhibitions and outdoor fairs has exploded in recent years as businesses and organizations have sought out new ways of advertising and promoting their products and services. As a result, retractable banner stands have become the... [ Learn More ]

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Customize your needs and offer you the best service We so-called best plan lies not only in price but also in high cost-effective performance. You will get what you pay, and we would not offer inferior products for you for price advantage. Under the same competitive condition,... [ Learn More ]

The Best Solution for Outdoor Events – Custom Printed Tents

When participating in an outdoor event as a business owner, you can leverage it as a substantial marketing opportunity. Display tables, brochures and product samples are recommended to get started with your set-up, but you also want to consider a custom display tent as the... [ Learn More ]

We Want You

We boast multiple templates available for you to choose. No matter what kind of template you need, you can find it in China-Flag-Makers. No matter how did you get template, no matter what kind of template you have, mo matter what shapes the template is, we can always customize... [ Learn More ]

Time is the Other Name of Opportunity

Time is the other name of business opportunity. Opportunity slips away if we fail to keep pace with the constantly changing market demand. We are committed to pursuing better customer experience, ensuring our product quality, offering best price, free agent purchasing frame,... [ Learn More ]

Fabrics for Special Uses (Part 2)

Stretch Fabric Stretch fabric is a fabric referring to the normal fabric, which stretches in all four directions. Stretch fabrics have better shape retention and are wrinkle-resistant because of which they are more comfortable to wear. Reflective Fabric Reflective fabric is the... [ Learn More ]

Fabrics for Special Uses (Part 1)

Industrial Fabric Industrial fabric is a fabric which is usually made from man-made fibers like fiberglass, carbon, and aramid fibers. It is primarily used for filtration, marine and recreational products, insulation, electronics, commercial & construction and protective... [ Learn More ]

Fabrics from Man-made Fibers-Part 2

Taffeta Fabric Taffeta fabric is a crisp, soft and smooth plain woven fabric which with its slight sheen manufactured out of different fibers like rayon, silk or nylon. Taffeta fabric is widely used in manufacturing of women's garments. The taffeta fabric has a unique rippled... [ Learn More ]

Fabrics from Man-made Fibers-Part 1

Acetate Fabric Made from the cellulose and obtained by reconstructing cotton or wood pulp, Acetate fabric is resistant to shrinkage, moth and mildew. Acetate fabric is fabric which gives extremely soft and luxurious look just like silk fabric. Chiffon Fabric Chiffon basically... [ Learn More ]

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