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Our blogs are mainly for people who are interested in display advertising, textile printing, and flag making. Here in our blog, you can get the knowledge of how to advertise with trade show table covers, display flags, canopy tents, etc., you can find the information about how to set up an advertising flag or tent, and also you can have a better understanding of different fabrics and printing techniques. If you have any questions or comments, you can just leave a message on our blog and useful solutions will be given to you within 24H.

Why China Flag Makers

What are you looking for? A supplier, a partner or a friend? Are you looking for a reliable supplier? Are you looking for a cooperation partner? A supplier would provide you with all goods that you want to purchase at the price you are satisfied with. But a parterner not only... [ Learn More ]

How Car Flags Can Help You?

Car flags, also known as car window flags, are used on cars for a lot of occasions, to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of a venture, to support a sport team, or for company brand-building, for promotions, for weddings, for election and so on. Car flags are... [ Learn More ]

Car flags, which one is better suitable for you

There are wide uses of car flag, which is suitable for voting and election, company campaigns, product promotion, sports meetings, ceremonies, weddings etc. they are easy for installing and removing, also they do not occupy room. We usually call car flag as a joint name. Car... [ Learn More ]

The special material of China Flag Makers productions

Custom flags in China Flag Maker are made from variety materials based on their different uses, including polyester, blackout fabric, mesh fabric, elastic polyester, shiny knitted polyester, satin, spun polyester, nylon, oxford and peach skin fabric and so on. The information... [ Learn More ]

How to Optimize Brand Awareness with CUSTOM FLAGS ?

As a business man, are you still seeking for effective strategies to develop your brand awareness effectively? Actually, not only individuals, but corporations are struggling to optimize their brand awareness. Well, does there exist efficient brand strategies on earth? The... [ Learn More ]

The Role of Brand in Business

The importance of Brand Just take minutes to consider a question, which one will you choose when you decide to buy a bottle of perfume? Well, for most people, CHANEL would be top-of-mind. Why? Maybe brand effect can explain it. CHANEL, as a well-known luxury, its success not... [ Learn More ]

Diverse Usages of Desk Flags

In daily life, custom desk flags are versatile and posses diverse usages. Not only can they be applied as ornament but also advertising tools in the events or conferences. In addition, it can be regarded as an interesting communication way through putting people’s idea or... [ Learn More ]

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