Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers
Stretch Table Covers

Stretch Table Covers (SKU:TCSSD)

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180g Elastic Polyester Flame-retardant 180g Elastic Polyester Flame-retardant 240g Elastic Polyester More
24H 48H *After Artwork Approval
This type of spandex table cover is ideal for special events, conventions, trade shows, open houses, fairs and even personal celebrations. Made of high-quality elastic polyester fabrics in a broad range of colors, stretch trade show table covers add an attractive, professional appearance to your tables that can display your logo or advertising messages to create an extra impact to your booth.
Tablecloth Fabrics
Durable and Lightweight Spandex Table Covers

Our stretch table covers are made from durable and stain resistant polyester fabric that stretches tightly with a sleek design. The fitted tablecloths will stretch to fit any 4ft, 6ft, 8ft or custom sized folding table or standard display table or banquet tables. Stretchable fitted table cover for party table and vendor events.
180g Elastic Polyester
good elasticity
Flame-Retardant 180g Elastic Polyester
good elasticity
Flame-Retardant 240g Elastic Polyester
good elasticity
much thicker than 180g Elastic Polyester
Tablecloth Sizes
Available in 8 Standard Sizes and Custom Size

There are 8 different standard sizes available, from 4ft, 6ft to 8ft and custom size. If you already have the display table, you can tell us the measurement of your table, and we will do the matching print for you. CFM stretch table covers are completely customizable from design, size to the printing.
Display Size
(180g elastic Poly)
Display Size
(240g elastic Poly)
4FT (48"Lx30"Wx29"H)
4FT (48"Lx24"Wx29"H)
6FT (72"Lx30"Wx29"H)
8FT (96"Lx30"Wx29"H)
Tablecloth Details
Durable, Professional Spandex Tablecloth for Trade Show

Stretch Table Cover is a wrinkle free spandex material that expands effortlessly to adjust the size of the item you wish to drape. Our premium quality spandex tablecloths are made from high quality four-way stretch spandex material that is highly durable, stretchable, and affordable. Our splendid stretchy spandex tablecloths can be used time and time again, without any need for ironing and can easily be laundered countless times without losing their luster and charm.
No Color Limitation
Full-color Dye Sublimation
Free Artwork Service
High Resolution Graphics
Full Sides Logo Placement
No Minimum Order
Left Side
Right Side
Product Care
All our table covers are washable with cold water and mild detergent. After washing, please use air dry or iron dry it at low setting. The life span of the table cover depends on both display and storage situations. Before storage, please make sure the whole piece is clean and dry.

Q: How many colors can you use in the printing logo?
A: We use CMYK for printing, so you can use as many colors as you like.

Q: Can you make a customized table cover for me?
A: Yes, the fitted table cover sizes are 4', 6' and 8' in our store, but the size of the fitted table cover can also be customized according to your table sizes or template sizes. If you need customized sizes, please contact our representatives for customer service.

Q: Is the fabric flame retardant?
A: Yes, we have custom flame-retardant fabrics for selection.

Q: Can I wash or iron my table cover?
A: Yes, you can clean and smooth your tablecloth by hand-wash and ironing.

Q: Will the fabrics fade? How long does it last?
A: To prevent fading and maintain color stability, we use sublimation print to ensure the fast color.

Artwork Requirements

Artwork must be created using the provided templates.
1. Acceptable file types include PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, PNG, TIF, TIFF, JPG, and SVG, among which AI and PDF are highly recommended.
2. Files must be the same exact size as what is ordered.
3. The maximum size of the file should be 200M. If you have much larger files, please contact our customer service representatives.
4. Please review the artwork specification before uploading your file. We will not be responsible for the delayed orders due to artwork that cannot meet the provided requirements.

Template (Please download and use our artwork templates before submitting your artwork.)

  • 4FT Stretch Table Covers-S-180G

  • 4FT Stretch Table Covers-S-240G

  • 4FT Stretch Table Covers-M-180G

  • 4FT Stretch Table Covers-M-240G

  • 6FT Stretch Table Covers-180G

  • 6FT Stretch Table Covers-240G

  • 8FT Stretch Table Covers-180G

  • 8FT Stretch Table Covers-240G

Production Time

4 turnaround options available to fit your different needs:
1 Day Rush Order, 2 Days Fast Order, 3 Days Standard Order, 5 Days Economy Order.
(*production time shall be calculated from artwork being approved).

Delivery Time

From China to the US: About 2-5 Working Days
From China to Australia: About 3-4 Working Days
From China to Canada: About 2-4 Working Days
(More logistics details please view the shipping delivery.)
If you or your clients do not receive products within the scheduled delivery time, you can contact our customer service reps for help.